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Have more background conversations

The current model for organizations was developed at the beginning of the industrial revolution. We took the most creative, innovative human beings – farmers (whose everyday job required them to deal with the most unpredictable set of circumstances: weather, animals, crops) – placed them in a factory and told them to only do as they were instructed {…}

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What else have we got in us?

A group of guys created an app to help organize podcasts. It bombed. No one wanted it. But instead of devoting themselves to convincing the market to like their podcast app, they decided to try something else. They called it Twitter – and we all know where that story went.{…}

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Do it “With” People, not “To” People

During an interview, I was asked to offer some suggestions to a CEO who was struggling with the decision to fire one of her core team members. I gave some ideas and the interviewer stopped short. “Really? You think she should talk to an employee like that?” I replied, “No, I don’t think she should talk to her. I think she should talk with her”.{…}

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