" There is an ocean between saying & doing.

Here is your ocean.
Get out your paddle. "

" Our Ability to learn - Learning to Learn - is the most needed transformation in ourselves and in our organizations. "

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The Bix Book

This is a book of stories that I have experienced through my 30 years of consulting with corporations, institutions, non-profit organizations and individuals.

Stories that I hope allow you access, an opening, a possibility that allow your courage, your persistence, your compassion, your intelligence and your resilience to soar to its greatest heights knowing you may have to plumb your deepest depths to find it.  You can do this.  These are not my stories.  These are our stories said through my life to share with you.

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About the Author

Educated at Trinity University, Bix has been a member of the faculty of the Graduate Management Program at Antioch University in Seattle and served as the Chairman of the Board of Washington Works, a non-profit organization designed to provide women on public assistance the training and support needed to gain sustainable employment.